DW  Precision 

Days 53 thru 55: These three days were for delivering and installing baseboards throughout the condo.

Day 2 Start: Today's agenda is the guest bathroom tear out and kitchen cabinet removal.


Day 56: We cleaned everything top to bottom to finish our scope of work and have it ready for the painter and door installers.

Day 3: Today we tear out the rest of the kitchen cabinets, walls, and the rest of the interior doors..

Day 1 Start:  We arrive on site and begin the day by removing cabinet doors, counter tops, and many of the interior doors.

Day 1 Conclusion: We have removed the upper cabinets from the kitchen and the master bathroom and bedroom are entirely demo'd and ready for rebuild. Our tools are stacked neatly and trash is ready to be hauled out with us.

Day 3 conclusion: We have the cabinets completely out and all the walls removed. We're ready for our electrician and plumber to come in and start their work.

Days 4 through 15 were for the electrician and plumber to do their walk thru and rough-ins, as well as Christmas and New Year's. There were no major aesthetic differences.

Days 38 thru 52: During these days, we installed the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as the granite, sinks and handles. The installation of the over and under cabinet lights was completed and the electrical and plumbing trim outs were done. The appliances were installed afterwards and doors and drawers adjusted.

In Progress

Day 2 conclusion: The guest bathroom is fully demo'd and the upper cabinets in the kitchen have been taken out, we have also completely removed the carpet as well.

Day 16 and 17: For these two days, we used the grinder on the floor and put down the whisper mat in preparation for the tile to be laid.

Days 33 thru 40: The next part of the renovation was the setting of tile on the shower floors and walls.


6920 Seminole Blvd, Seminole, FL, United States

Days 18 thru 32: These two weeks were for patching and finishing drywall and getting the tile down throughout the condo.